Visiting a new place can be a stressful or scary experience. Questions such as, “Where do I park?” “Will I feel comfortable leaving my child with the childcare staff?” and, “How long will the worship service last?” may come to mind. Perhaps the most important question might be, “Will I even feel welcome here?” These are important questions that we’ve thought about too. Please know that we will make every effort to make your first experience with us as pleasant and positive as possible.
What should I wear?
Wear what is comfortable. Who you are is far more important than the clothing you wear. So wear what feels comfortable to you.
Where should I park?
Parking is available at the intersection of 4th Street and Lee Avenue in our church parking lot.
Do you have Sunday School?
Yes! We have a Bible Study time for all Ages at 10:00am following the Worship Service. Sunday School lasts from approximately 55 minutes every Sunday. You can learn about the Lord and build friendships with others at the same time your children or grandchildren also learn.
Our Foundation Kids Children’s Ministry (PreK-Grade 5) gathers at 10:00am on the second floor of our main building.
Our Youth Student Ministry (Grades 6-12) meets in the Student Ministry Center, (the Boathouse) also at 10:00am.
Various Classes available are listed in our Ministries Tab.
*We also offer an 8am Sunday School class for early risers.
Do you have childcare?
Our nursery and childcare rooms are available each Sunday morning. Upon your arrival, an usher or member will lead you to the KidCheck station. Your child will be in an age-appropriate and secure place, growing in the knowledge of God while you participate in our services and studies.
What are the worship services like?
First Methodist Odessa offers a Traditional style of worship. Our constant aim in worship is to ascribe glory to God, declare the truth of Scripture, and enter His presence with praise.
Our 9:00am service follows the flow of worship
prescribed by the Methodist hymnal. The sanctuary choir, organ and piano accompany the congregation in the singing of hymns. The feel of the service is both formal and heartfelt. 
Do you serve communion?
Here at First Methodist Odessa we practice Open Communion. We believe that all baptized Christians are welcome to share in the Lord’s Supper, regardless of whether you are member of our church or denomination. We share communion in our Service on the first Sunday of each month. There are also various special services throughout the year in which Communion is served.
While Communion can be shared in a variety of ways, we typically practice the method of intinction – receiving a piece of bread and dipping it into the cup of juice receiving both elements at once. We invite you to share in this holy time with us.